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Dal 07-07-2016
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The final report of the SISTERS twinning project is now available here together with a photogallery of the transnational event and a non formal tool for multicultural approach.

As a matter of fact the working program of SISTERS main event envisaged also an introduction to non formal learning techniques for participants which have been asked to think about cultural differences and similarities through an exercise based on the use of cards representing shapes of various sizes and colors. Each of them was given a card then they were asked to form groups of 5 based on some similarities (possibly trying to meet people they didn’t already know well) in 5 minutes and spend the rest of the day in company of the little group. The game was intended to let them experiment and reflect on how many unexpected connections can be individuated if there is intention, commitment and good disposition to get in contact with something/someone apparently different or unfamiliar to what/who we are used.

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